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How do I customize rewards?
How do I customize rewards?
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You can adjust reward rates in the "Card Settings." Go to the Wallet tab, then tap any card to open "Card Details" and then tap the gear icon on the top right.

You can also access "Card Settings" for connected cards by going to Accounts and Cards (top left icon on Wallet tab) and tapping on the gear icon next to a card.

Reward Program

You can change the reward program associated with a card. For example, maybe a card earns Membership Rewards instead of Cash.

Reward Group

All rewards are organized into reward groups. Reward groups have:

  • The same reward rate (e.g. 5x)

  • The same start & end date

  • The same limits

  • The same restrictions

You can modify existing reward groups, delete groups and create new groups altogether.

Reward Group Customizations

  • Name: Customize the name so it's easier for you to understand.

  • Icon: Change the icon that's displayed in Card Details.

  • Included Categories: Categories where you'll earn bonus rates.

  • Excluded Categories: Subcategories where you're excluded from earning bonus rates. For example, you may earn 6% on groceries, but Walmart is excluded.

  • Reward Rate: The bonus you earn. Note that the reward rate will be multiplied by the point valuation and the reward multiplier.

  • Reward Period: The timeframe during which the bonus applies. If the reward is already active, pick a start date earlier than today. If there's no end date, pick an end date that's in the distant future.

  • Limit: Any spending or reward limits associated with the bonus. If a reward period is not specified, you can specify when the limit should be reset.

  • US Only: If the bonus rate is restricted to purchases in the US.

  • Restricted to Channel: If rewards are restricted to online or offline purchases only.

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