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How to add a Bonus or Retention Tracker
How to add a Bonus or Retention Tracker
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When you first open a new credit card, you might have received information about a welcome or signup bonus. These bonuses require that you spend a certain amount on the new card within a specific timeframe. When you sync that card in MaxRewards, our bonus tracker keeps up with your transactions, so you can see how close you are to hitting your goal.

Here are the instructions for creating a bonus tracker:
1. From the Activity tab, tap on the section that says "Trackers"

2. To set up a new tracker, tap the "+" icon.

3. You'll be able to edit the Tracker properties, such as start date, duration, bonus amount, and spend amount. Please verify this information with your bank's website when setting up a new tracker.

Depending on how long you've had your card, you might be eligible for a retention bonus. Our bonus tracker works the same way for tracking that as well.

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