⚠️ Capital One Connection Update ⚠️

As of July 11, 2023

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7/11/23: We’ve created a new connection to Capital One that has resulted in a greater success rate with syncing! You can read more about this new connection here.

7/5/23: We have become aware of an error with our Capital One connection that has made syncing unstable and has resulted in some members having to change their Capital One password. Because of this, we have temporarily disabled syncing with Capital One. Fixing this is a top priority for our team, and we hope to share updates soon.

6/29/23: We've continued to make progress on an enhancement for the connector, and are working to test further. We hope to share additional updates next week.

6/20/23: We’ve made some improvements that have increased the amount of successful syncs going through. We are monitoring this closely and working to further improve the connection.

6/19/23: We’ve recently become aware of an issue with our connection to Capital One that is preventing users from successfully syncing their accounts. The team is investigating and working to resolve this issue as a priority. We hope to share another update later this week.

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