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v3 Bank Connector Updates
v3 Bank Connector Updates

Your one-stop shop to get the most recent updates on our progress in improving the bank connectors with known issues.

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Amex: We have been seeing improved results with our recent update. Currently, the main issue we're seeing is related to completing 2FA. To avoid this, double-check that you have notifications enabled on your Amex app. If you are able to sync your account but are not seeing offers pulled in, please try the following troubleshooting method. Force close the app, re-open it, go to Account & Cards, manually sync your Amex account, and wait a few minutes for your Amex offers to populate!

Chase: Over the past year, Chase has taken aggressive action blocking connection attempts from third-party services. Although we’ve overcome significant challenges in restoring successful Chase syncs time and time again, maintaining the Chase connector has taken a considerable amount of engineering time, which has historically forced us to deprioritize other bug fixes and new features.

The most recent Chase reliability issues have prompted us to start a partnership with Visa. We’ll be leveraging Visa’s services to provide an alternative method of connecting with Chase. While we expect this connector to be more reliable, it will not have the full set of capabilities that our own connectors have.

We expect the alternative Chase connector to be available next month. We will share more details then.

We know the importance of Chase cards and the value of aggregating rewards, offers, and more for Chase accounts, so we are not abandoning our Chase connector. As we expand our team, we will dedicate more resources to maintaining and improving our Chase connector.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Bank of America: We have implemented a number of fixes to this connector and are now seeing about an 85% connection success rate! Some members are still receiving an error message that indicates incorrect login credentials. We are continuing to work on improvements and get this connector back to 100%.

Apple: We have discovered the root of the issue that causes members to get stuck after inputting their 2FA code. We are working on implementing a solution. Due to the nature of the issue, we don't have an exact timeline for when we'll be able to roll out this fix.

Discover: We are aware of an issue with our connection to Discover that is also related to the 2FA process. This is likely related to the 2FA issue that some members are seeing when trying to sync with Apple. Our engineering team is investigating this, and we hope to have more information soon.

You can learn more about how bank connectors work here.

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