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v3 Bank Connector Updates
v3 Bank Connector Updates

Your one-stop shop to get the most recent updates on our progress in improving the bank connectors with known issues.

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Navy Federal: You should now be able to sync your Navy Federal account without issue!


X1: Due to product changes from X1, we no longer support this connector. We're hoping to reintroduce a connection for this card in the future.

Wells Fargo: A subsect of Wells Fargo users have reported a login loop when trying to sync their accounts. Our team has been investigating this and is working to get this resolved.

Navy Federal: We recently released a new Navy Federal connector and are working on resolving a bug involving 2FA. If you've reached out to support, we will be in contact once this issue has been resolved.


Navy Federal: We're working on updating this connector to accommodate recent changes from Navy Federal. Please reach out to us at for any additional questions or concerns.

Please ensure your app has been updated. We addressed a handful of syncing issues with recent updates.

Capital One: We've updated our connector to accommodate recent changes from Capital One. Please update your app to v3.52.1 to sync your Capital One account again.

Citi: If you are experiencing issues with Citi, please update your app to v3.52.1 to sync your Citi account.

Chase: We've released a major update to the Chase connector. When linking or syncing your account, you will log in directly on the Chase website. Please complete any required multi-factor authentication on the Chase website.

If you receive an error from Chase, like "This part of our website isn't working right now," we recommend calling Chase at 1-800-935-9935 to reset your password. Then, use the new password to link your Chase account to MaxRewards.

Amex: We are seeing improved connection success with Amex. If you've found that your offers aren't activating, please try the following troubleshooting method. Log out, force close the app, log in, and sync your Amex account individually from the Accounts and Cards page. You may have to wait up to 10 minutes for offers to populate.

Wells Fargo: We have resolved the 2FA issue with Wells Fargo in our recent update (v3.42.21). If you are having issues syncing your Wells Fargo account, please reach out to

Bank of America: We have seen improved results with Bank of America. Please reach out to if you're experiencing any account syncing issues with Bank of America.

Apple: We have seen improved connection success with Apple. Please reach out to support@maxrewards if you're having issues connecting your Apple account.

Discover: We feel confident that most issues with Discover have been resolved with recent updates. Please reach out to support if you experience any issues syncing with Discover.

Navy Federal: We have resolved the issue causing "no cards found" and "incorrect login credentials" error prompts. Please reach out if you're experiencing issues syncing with Navy Federal.

You can learn more about how bank connectors work here.

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