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As of August 11, 2023

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11/20/23: We are aware of a significant outage with Bank of America and are working to find a fix as soon as possible.

11/10/23: This morning, we became aware of an outage with Bank of America. Getting this connector up and running again has moved up to our top priority. One of our Senior Engineers is personally overseeing the investigation and implementation of a resolution.

9/27/23: We are still working to ensure consistency with this connector.

8/31/23: We're aware that some members are still experiencing issues connecting with Bank of America. We're in the process of testing resolutions and investigating if this is device specific. We're planning to launch this fix once we're confident it can be implemented across devices.

8/11/23: We're seeing improved results with our Bank of America connection, however there are a few bugs that we are aware of that we have not identified the cause of.

8/2/23: We’ve released a new method of connecting with Bank of America to about 10% of members. We will expand this as we see positive results.

7/27/23: We are still working on improving our Bank of America connection, and have seen more successful syncing attempts than last week. We hope to have more information on a fix soon.

7/21/23: We are aware of an issue with our connection to Bank of America that is preventing some members from syncing their Bank of America accounts. We will be working through the weekend to find a solution for this as soon as possible.

7/5/23: We have released some improvements to our Bank of America connection, however we are aware of some additional challenges that might cause some syncing errors. The team will continue to work on further enhancements, and we will share additional updates soon.

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