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11/13: If you are able to sync your account but are not seeing offers pulled in, please try the following troubleshooting method. Force close the app, re-open it, go to Account & Cards, manually sync your Amex account, and wait a few minutes for your Amex offers to populate!

11/9: We have been seeing more successful connection attempts in our new update! If you have 2FA enabled, please ensure you've enabled app notification from Amex. This helps prevent the possibility of getting stuck on 2FA. We have received reports of duplicate Amex accounts. Our engineers are working to resolve this.

11/1: The new connection method we released resolved the main syncing issue we were dealing with. However, we are still working to improve this connector. Some members who have had it enabled on their account are now getting stuck on their 2FA screen. Please reach out to support directly if you're experiencing this. Reverting back to the former connection method has proved successful. Right now, it looks looking the members being unable to sync with either of these connection methods is less than 10%. We are still able to manually pull in cards but are seeing significantly less occurrences of this. We are still investigating information updating.

10/27: We have been seeing positive results for our new Amex connection method! We are enabling this method for about 50% of members. Currently, we are able to manually pull in cards that are syncing but not populating in the Wallet. The team is still working to resolve the issue of account information not updating.

10/24: "Infinite spin" has been resolved for about 50% of affected members! We can now launch a new Amex connection method with Andriod users. We are currently in-house testing resolutions for cards not appearing and specific information not updating.

10/23: Amex recently made a change that triggered a number of issues for our members. These issues include information not updating accurately, inability to connect with or sync one's Amex account, and Gold & Platinum syncing but not appearing in the Wallet. We're working to get these issues resolved and will continue to post updates on our progress.

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