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⚠️ Chase Connection Update ⚠️
⚠️ Chase Connection Update ⚠️
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5/03/2024: Our bank connector team is working on a backup connection method for members when their connection attempt is blocked by Chase.

4/30/2024: We've received an uptick of reports from members experiencing connection issues with Chase. If you receive the message "This part of our website isn't working right now," this is an indication that Chase is blocking your connection attempts. Troubleshooting steps that were previously effective in circumventing these blocks are proving less effective. The team has been made aware of this and is investigating these issues further.

We've released a major update to the Chase connector. When linking or syncing your account, you will log in directly on the Chase website. Please complete any required multi-factor authentication on the Chase website.

If you receive an error from Chase, like "This part of our website isn't working right now," we recommend calling Chase at 1-800-935-9935 to reset your password. Then use the new password to link your Chase account to MaxRewards.

If you experience trouble syncing initially, please try connecting again by inputting your login credentials manually, without a password manager.

1/11/24: Chase has not relented on their stance to block connection attempts from third-party services. We are working behind the scenes to improve our connector and investigate alternative connection methods. We will continue to post any pertinent updates here and reach out to members as soon as we're confident in our connection success rate with Chase. We appreciate the support and understanding you've extended to our team.

11/20/23: MaxRewards is the only app that can aggregate rewards, balances, benefits and other information and auto-activate offers and bonus categories. This unique ability is powered by our proprietary connectors. Building and maintaining these connectors is difficult, especially with a small team, but we still process over 400K successful syncs every month.

No connector has been more difficult to maintain than Chase. Over the past year, Chase has taken aggressive action blocking connection attempts from third-party services. Although we’ve overcome significant challenges in restoring successful Chase syncs time and time again, maintaining the Chase connector has taken a considerable amount of engineering time, which has historically forced us to deprioritize other bug fixes and new features.

We know the importance of Chase cards and the value of aggregating rewards, offers, and more for Chase accounts, so we are not abandoning our Chase connector. As we expand our team, we will dedicate more resources to maintaining and improving our Chase connector.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

11/14/23: We recently started receiving reports of the Chase connection showing a loading screen that doesn't progress after entering in login credentials. We believe we have found a potential cause for this issue. Implementing a fix will require work across two different teams and unfortunately, may take a little bit of time. We will continue to update this article as more details come through.

11/13/23: We are now seeing much better syncing results with Chase! If you are still seeing errors with Chase, first, please update to the latest version of the app. If after doing so you still receive an error, please send a screenshot of the syncing error you're seeing, as well as a screenshot from your "Accounts and Cards" page of when Chase last synced for you.

11/9/23: We are continuing to triage our connection to Chase. We are seeing slightly better results today with syncing, however we are still working towards additional fixes.

11/2/23: The issue that we're seeing with our connection to Chase has proven to be quite complex. Our engineering team is still hard at work to find a resolution, and we hope to have more updates next week.

10/30/23: Our records are showing a significant outage with Chase. We are in the process of investigating this. Updates will continue to be posted here.

9/25/23: We implemented a new way of connecting to Chase that we anticipated would increase the reliability of syncing. This has proved to work for most members, but some members are having persistent issues. This occurs when Chase doesn't recognize the login and blocks the connection. We are restructuring our approach to ensure even more consistency. You can read more about how we connect with banks here.

8/31/23: We have noticed a recent increase in syncing issues with Chase. We are continuing to investigate the cause of this issue as we work to improve this connection.

8/11/23: While we are seeing better Chase connection results across the board, we are aware of an error that is device-specific that may be preventing syncing from continuing. Because the error is device specific, it is trickier to troubleshoot, but we are working on it.

8/1/23: There is an issue with our connection to Chase that is preventing syncing, and we have not identified the cause of this error - we are working on resolving it as soon as possible.

7/27/23: We are still working towards finding a resolution to the previously reported bug that was causing more frequent password reset requests. To troubleshoot this, you can try resetting your password via our app. You can read more about our connection to Chase here.

7/21/23: We became aware of an error with our connection to Chase that is causing an error message that prompts a password reset. This error may continue to occur even after resetting the password. We are working to fix this as soon as possible, and will be in touch as we make progress.

6/20/23: We’ve identified several minor issues that we’re currently working to resolve. We hope to see increased reliability as soon as these fixes go live.

6/13/23: We’ve released a fix for a bug that was preventing some members from entering in their login or 2FA credentials when syncing with Chase. We also are working on some additional updates for our Chase connection and hope to have those out soon.

6/8/23: We’ve identified an improvement to our Chase connection, which we’re working on implementing now. We’re looking forward to sharing more good news next week.

5/23/23: We recently became aware of a new issue with our connection to Chase, and we're working on getting a fix out soon. We will post an update here as soon as the fix is out.

5/2/23: We’ve released a fix for the error that members reported regarding being prompted for a password reset while syncing with Chase. If you still see a request to reset your password, please try adding Chase as a new account.

4/27/23: We’ve identified a fix for the issue that was causing a repeat request to reset the password when syncing with Chase. We are doing some final testing on this fix, and hope to have it released sometime next week.

4/20/23: We've released a new syncing method with Chase to all our members on the latest version of MaxRewards (2.11.36). We’re seeing that an overwhelming majority of members are now able to sync their Chase accounts. We are aware of some members who are still encountering errors, and we are working on resolving those.

4/18/23: We’re planning on releasing our new Chase syncing method to 70% of members. We are still aware of some bugs, which you can read more about in the previous update.

4/14/23: We have released a new beta syncing method with Chase to about 30% of our members. This update has significantly improved the rate of successful syncs, and we’re even seeing that 2 Factor Authentication is triggered less. However, as this is a beta version, there are some bugs that we are aware of and working on resolving.

Here is a list of known issues that we are working on resolving:

  • For some members, closing the connecting Chase modal causes a crash, we’re seeing that this is inconsistent, so it should not happen every time.

  • For some members, when they try to sync with Chase, it doesn’t load, and they are unable to enter their login credentials.

  • Some members might get a request to reset their password - some only have to reset their password once to get a successful sync. However, others may see a request to reset their password again.

  • Some members may go through the password reset flow on Chase, and it still does not succeed. They may get a prompt to reset their password on their computer. Once they reset their password on the computer, they should be able to log in to Chase on MaxRewards.

We know the password reset process can be frustrating, but this is being initiated by Chase, and this is the only solution we’ve seen that is able to result in a successful sync. We are working diligently to make this better.

4/11/23: We rolled out the Beta version of our connection to Chase to 10% of members last week. Based on feedback, we are working on improvements. Once those improvements are ready, we will deploy the new version to more members.

If you see a “BETA” tag next to your Chase connection, then you are on the new version. If you have not synced yet, please add it as a new account. Because we do not send your encrypted credentials back to your device, you will need to re-enter your credentials by tapping on the top right icon on the wallet tab and adding Chase as a new account. You do not need to unlink your existing accounts.

4/5/23: We’ve had success with our initial group of beta testers and are now testing it with 10% of general members. We will continue to scale deployment pending positive results.

3/30/23: We’ve made significant progress with the help of our beta testers! We will be releasing a new Chase connector in our next update, which will be sent to app stores for review tomorrow. Once Apple and Google approve the update, we’ll roll it out to 10% of members. We will expand that number pending all goes well.

3/28/23: Our beta test of a new syncing method with Chase is going well. We anticipate rolling out this method to a small group of members outside the beta test this week. From there, we will expand it to more members as we continue to see successful syncs.

3/23/23: We will have a new method of syncing with Chase that will start rolling out to a minority of users next week, and we will expand that group as we see successful results.

3/16/23: We are testing a new syncing method with Chase internally and with a small group of beta testers. There are cases where the login doesn’t work, so you have to reset your password. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to avoid this. We don’t have a timeline for when this new fix will be released, but we will continue to improve the flow, so you don’t have to reset your password.

3/3/23: We’re expecting to try out a new method to a select group of people in the next app release. When we’re sure everything works and continues working for a couple of days, we’ll let more people try it out.

2/24/23: We've made strides in a new method of syncing with Chase, and we are hoping to release it next week.

2/21/23: We encountered an issue with our connection to Chase, and we are working on resolving it as soon as possible.

2/1/23: We've made additional improvements to the Chase connector and are seeing overall success rates of 98%.

1/31/23: We've bumped our new Chase method to 100% of members, and we're seeing overall success rates around 85-90%. We're making additional improvements to get to 95%+ reliability.

1/27/23: Based on the preliminary success of the new Chase method, we've increased the deployment to 50%. We'll continue to review results over the weekend, with the goal of deploying to 100% of members.

We have also been testing another method with a set of closed beta testers, and those results are promising, as well.

1/26/23: We've deployed a new method to about 10% of all members. So far, early results look good and we will scale up gradually to ensure there aren't any unintended consequences, like lockouts.

1/23/2023: We begun a closed beta test with select users over the weekend for our Chase fix. The results so far are highly promising with many users being able to successfully sync their chase account.

However, the stability of the method must be ensured, so we are continuing to work closely with our closed beta testers to improve the method for a wide release. With the help of our beta testers, we’ve identified and solved five major bugs over the weekend, with two more being resolved at the moment. Once the existing major bugs are fixed, we will be expanding our closed beta tests.

If you would like to participate in our closed beta program please reach out to us via "Contact Us" in the app or at

1/12/2023: While we are working on building and testing Chase connector solutions, we've created additional articles to provide more info:

1/9/2023: Our team has made major strides in finding a solution. We've developed a new method of connecting to Chase, and the fix is now in internal testing.

1/3/2023: Happy New Year! We have a proof-of-concept of a new method working. Now we need to do more extensive testing, then build a version for production use and then test in production before deploying it our members. While we are hoping this solution will work, we won't know until it's out in production. Thank you for your patience.

12/29/2022: Our team has made significant progress on a new way of connecting to Chase. There's still additional work and testing that needs to be done before we can bring this to production. Thank you again for your patience.

12/27/2022: Our team is still working on different potential solutions. We apologize for the inconvenience.

12/21/2022: Our team is still hard at work on finding a solution for this issue. We are still seeing about a 30% success rate with connections to Chase, but we know we have a ways to go. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact support at or within the app under "Contact Us".

12/16/2022: We are still working to improve our connection with Chase.

For some context into this issue, banks don’t have official APIs where we can access rewards, offers, credit scores, and other data points that we show and that our members love. Therefore, we have had to build our own connectors. At times, the banks make changes without warning, and those changes trickle down to us as and affect our ability to sync accounts. When this occurs, we get all hands on deck to fix the issue.

We have taken many steps to improve our bank connections over the last year. We’ve made considerable investments in hiring top engineers and adopting the best technologies and practices to help stabilize and scale our platform. We're still in the early stages of our journey, and we will continue to make significant investments to improve the member experience over the coming months and years.

Thank you so much for your support and patience.

12/15/2022: We’ve made changes to the connector, and about 30% of attempts are going through. We are still working on a solution to get 99%+ reliability. We apologize for the inconvenience.

12/12/2022: We recently became aware of an issue with our connection to Chase that is preventing members from syncing with Chase. As soon as we found that our members were having trouble syncing, we dedicated a team to resolving this issue, and hope to have it fixed soon. Please reach out to with any questions or concerns.

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