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Why are some members having trouble connecting Chase?

Chase aims to restrict consumers from using third-party services that do not have official partnerships with Chase, like MaxRewards, to sync their Chase account.

Our proprietary Chase connector still allows many people to connect and sync their Chase account. MaxRewards is the only app that can aggregate your Chase reward balances, reward activity, credit scores, and offers.

How can I increase my odds of connecting my Chase account?

If you are unable to sync your Chase account, we recommend typing in your username and password (vs. letting a password manager auto-fill it).

If that doesn't work, we recommend resetting your password by calling Chase at 1 (800) 935-9935. We have found that resetting your password online usually does not work to connect your account. You must have an agent reset your password.

Why does MaxRewards not have an official partnership with Chase?

We have asked Chase for a formal partnership on multiple occasions. However, they are not interested in providing an official API that has the same capabilities as our unofficial Chase connector.

To provide a back-up to our members, we will be working with a Chase official partner to provide balance and spend data for Chase. We expect to release this in February 2024.

Why can other apps connect to Chase?

Most other apps use Plaid or any aggregation service to connect to Chase. Plaid has an official partnership with Chase, and like all other official partners, has access to limited information. Plaid is unable to access reward balances, rewards on transactions, credit scores on Chase, and Chase Offers. Plaid is also unable to auto-activate Chase Offers.

To learn more about how apps connect to banks, please see our article on how apps connect to banks.

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