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Introducing MaxRewards v3!
Introducing MaxRewards v3!
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Exciting news! 🌟 Say hello to MaxRewards v3 - The biggest update ever! Featuring a new design, improved features and more! Here are some highlights:

All New User Experience

  • A beautiful new design for both light and dark mode

  • Quickly swipe between sections to navigate your finances easier

  • See MaxRewards on your full screen on iPad and Mac

Enhanced Benefit Management

  • Easily access card benefits with a dedicated tab

  • Enjoy the convenience of auto-tracked Amex benefits

  • See all benefits and their usage at a glance

  • Filter benefits by type, period, card and more

Streamlined Offer Operations

  • Navigate offers faster with a consolidated view of every unique offer

  • Swipe to quickly see your favorited offers

  • Significantly faster performance on accounts with many offers

Master Your Wallet

  • Sort your wallet by balance, utilization and rewards

  • Toggle between a visual or informational view

  • Easily review rewards, balances, offers, benefits and more for each card

Deep-Dive Into Details

  • See all of your rewards grouped by reward program

  • Adjust point and mile valuations faster

  • Enjoy a more comprehensive view of your balances and utilization

What's on the Horizon? 🧐

This is just the beginning. With this new app, we can build new features faster. We will be rapidly adding features and functionality and will update the changelog on the profile tab when they are available. You can still share feedback via the three-line icon (☰) on the Home tab.

MaxRewards v3 – your rewards like never before! πŸŽ‰πŸš€

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