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MaxRewards Bonus Blitz FAQ
MaxRewards Bonus Blitz FAQ

Here's a quick rundown of what you need to know

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Q: I already have existing Gold credits. Can I apply those to the promotion?

No, only credits earned by referrals initiated and qualified during the promotional period will count towards bonuses.

Q: I sent my friend my referral code, but I didn’t get the credit, why?

First, your friend will need to download the app. Then they will need to enter your referral code and connect a bank account within the Bonus Blitz promotional timeframe of January 25th to February 29th, 2024.

If they haven’t connected an account yet, you will see them as a “Pending” referral. Once they connect a bank account, it will count as a “Qualified” referral. If they didn’t use your code, or haven’t connected an account, you will not get a credit.

Q: My friend forgot to use my code. What do I do?

If your friend didn’t enter in a code during onboarding, they can enter in a code within the app, instructions on how to enter a referral code can be found here. Only one referral credit can be used per account. If they used a different code, then you will not receive credit.

Q: How long can I refer people to get the bonus?

Only referrals that apply the referral code and connect an account within the official bonus blitz period will count toward cash bonuses. The blitz ends just before midnight on February 29th, 2024.

Q: Can I change/personalize my referral code?

With our Gold subscription, you can change your referral code once every 30 days. Changing your referral code will not affect the credits you have earned on the old code.

Q: Will the credits earned during the promotion discount my Gold subscription?

Yes! All credits earned during the promotional period or otherwise will be used to discount your Gold subscription when it renews or when you sign up. For instance, if you earn 12 credits, then your next year of Gold will be free!

Q: How will I get paid?

Bonus Blitz tiers of $300 or less will be paid out in the form of Amazon gift cards. Higher Bonus Blitz tiers will be paid out in the Referrer's choice of PayPal, Venmo or Cash App.

Q: When will I get paid?

Referrers who are eligible for a bonus will be contacted within 2 weeks of the end of the promotion. The Referrer will have 2 weeks to accept their bonus, and bonuses will be paid out within 2 weeks of acceptance.

Q: What happens to my credits if I’m between tiers?

Credits are accumulated normally. The difference is an additional bonus you can earn. Credits earned from referrals initiated and qualified during the Blitz period will be counted towards the tiered bonuses. At the end of the Blitz, you will receive the bonus from the highest tier you reached.

Q: I just received a Gold credit from the support team. Can this credit be applied to the promotion?

No, any credits you received from the support team cannot be applied to the referral promotion. They will, just like all credits, be applied as a discount available to you for MaxRewards Gold.

Q: Does the person I referred have to sign up for a Gold membership to qualify?

Nope! All they have to do to ensure you receive a referral credit is sign up for a MaxRewards Account, enter your referral code and link at least one bank account.

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