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How do I add a Gold credit?
How do I add a Gold credit?

What to do when you receive a referral code.

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Get a one-month discount on our annual Gold subscription by entering a referral code during onboarding or later in the app. Note that Gold credits discount your annual membership and can't be used for a free trial.

To enter the code during onboarding

Simply input the referral code when prompted during onboarding. The credit will be saved to your account and automatically applied when you sign up for Gold after your 1-week free trial.

To enter the code later within the app

  1. Access the global menu by tapping the icon on the top right of the Home tab.

  2. Select "Credits" under the Gold section.

There, you'll see an option to enter a referral code.

Enter in your code

Enjoy your one-month discount!

What to do next?

To activate Gold and enjoy the one-month discount on your annual subscription using your Gold credit, head to either the Benefits or Offers tab. There, you'll find a prompt to sign up for Gold. Your Gold credit will be automatically applied when you are charged at the end of your 1-week trial.

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