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How much is MaxRewards Gold?
How much is MaxRewards Gold?
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You choose your monthly price for MaxRewards Gold. We've noticed that some users save $1,000+ with deals every month. They receive more value than users who save $50. Instead of estimating the value to a user based on a convoluted formula, we've decided to trust you to set a fair price.

The way our pricing works is that it is on a sliding scale, with the annual subscription starting at $7 a month and is charged for a year upfront (a total of $84). That price is then discounted if you have any Gold credits. While our pricing is on a sliding scale, we still offer the same level of great service no matter what price point you're at.

If you decide you're getting more or less value than you expected, you can adjust your price from your subscription details page. This change will be reflected the next time your subscription renews.

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