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Move to only annual billing FAQ
Move to only annual billing FAQ
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Why did we move to only annual billing?

We believe that annual billing creates a much better value proposition for members:

  1. While slightly more than a third of new subscribers use an offer in the first month, over 97% of active subscribers use an offer in the first year

  2. Offers get more relevant and valuable over time as we start activating them, and members earn $295 in cash back and 40% more rewards in their first year

  3. Annual billing is also up to 44% cheaper than monthly billing over the course of a year

We share our full rationale here.

When did the change go into effect?

We moved to only annual billing on June 29th.

If I'm on a monthly plan, will I need to switch?

No. We offer lifetime legacy plans. You can continue to stay on a monthly plan as long as you like.

If I'm on a monthly plan, can I switch to an annual plan?

Yes. You can switch to an annual plan at any time. Go to Profile β†’ Subscription Details β†’ Monthly Price.

If I had a MaxRewards Gold subscription before, will I still be able to get a free trial?

Yes. All members who haven't received a free trial are eligible for a free trial.

How will credits work?

Credits will continue to work as before. Credits will be applied as an immediate discount on an annual subscription. For example, if you have 6 months of credits, you will receive a 50% discount on your annual subscription when your trial ends.

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