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FAQ about Chase Connector Issue
FAQ about Chase Connector Issue
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Why is the Chase connector down?

Chase made changes to their technology that was incompatible with our connector technology. We do not have an official partnership with Chase, and they have no obligation to inform us of any changes.

Why can other apps connect to Chase?

Most other apps use Plaid or any aggregation service to connect to Chase. Plaid has an official partnership with Chase. While this provides a more reliable connection, Plaid is unable to access reward balances, rewards on transactions, credit scores on Chase, and Chase Offers. Plaid is also unable to auto-activate Chase Offers. To learn more about how apps connect to banks, please see our article on how apps connect to banks.

Is it possible to form a partnership with Chase?

We have asked Chase for a formal partnership on multiple occasions. However, they are currently not interested in providing an official API that has the same capabilities as our Chase connector.

Previous connector issues were resolved within hours or days. Why is it taking so long to resolve Chase now?

For previous issues, we were able to slightly modify how our Chase connector worked. The recent changes have made it so that we have to develop a completely new method. Developing a new connector from scratch is difficult and tedious and requires extensive testing.

Why can't you provide an exact date of when the issue will be resolved?

There is a significant amount of uncertainty with developing a new connector. First, we have to build a proof of concept. This verifies that syncing is possible. We then test the method repeatedly on a single connection and then with multiple concurrent connections.

Once internal testing is successful, we gradually roll the new method out to members to ensure it can scale. Finally, once we feel confident about the new method, we deploy it to all members.

At any point, the method can fail, and we may need to start again. Because of this high degree of uncertainty, we cannot specify a date when the issue will be fixed.

However, we have multiple methods in late stages of development, and we feel confident we will resolve the issue within the next few weeks.

How do you minimize disruption in the future?

We are making investments in people, technology, and processes so that we can be more prepared for and responsive to bank technology changes.

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