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Video Transcript

Hey, thanks for downloading MaxRewards! To get started, keep reading or check out the video to get some tips to get the most out of the app!

Wallet Tab

Starting on the wallet tab, if you’ve connected an account, you’ll see your Rewards Balance, Cards Balance, Credit Utilization, and Available Credit at the top. If you don’t see any information here, you haven’t yet connected an account, and you’ll need to do that first.

Next are any bonus trackers and bills that you may have. You can learn how to add a bonus tracker in the Help Center, via this link. Below this is your connected and unconnected cards and credit scores.

Syncing Accounts

To sync your accounts, you can swipe down from the top of the wallet page or tap the icon on the left to sync your accounts individually. To s going to the accounts and cards page and tapping the bank you want to sync.

Connecting an account:

To connect an account, you can follow the steps in this article here


When syncing, sometimes 2 Factor Authentication is required. Many banks require this as a security measure to access your information.

When going to the list of available bank connections, you’ll see a status icon next to the bank - green means that it should be good to go, and red means that we know of an issue with the connection and are working on it. For updates on the status of some of our more popular bank connections, you can check out the Help Center.

Exploring the app

The following two tabs to the right of the wallet tab are the Activity tab which will display your transactions, and the Best Card tab, which will show the personalized recommendations for which card to use for each type of spending category and at nearby stores.

Why Go Gold

With MaxRewards Gold, your offers are automatically activated every time you sync. You can easily see all your offers on the Offers tab. You can learn more about MaxRewards Gold in the help center.

Adding Gold Credit

If you're wondering how to add a Gold credit, you can follow the steps here. If you don’t already have a referral code, you can use the code “welcome” to get one month of Gold free!

Any other questions:

We've got you covered if you have any questions. Check out our Help Center, where you’ll find this video and other content to help you Max your Rewards. If you have any questions for our team, you can reach out via the “contact us” button on the profile tab.

Happy earning with MaxRewards!

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