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What are card-linked offers?
What are card-linked offers?
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Card-linked offers are special deals & promotions that are linked to a card. Many issuers now provide exclusive card-linked offers to their members. American Express brands their program as Amex Offers, Bank of America calls theirs BankAmeriDeals and Wells Fargo offers both Amex Offers & Go Far Rewards.

Redeeming a card-linked offer can be difficult. First, you have to find an offer that's relevant to you. Most banks have cumbersome websites and app that make it hard to find deals that you care about.

Second, you have to activate an offer. Because you typically don't know exactly when you might use an offer, it's best to activate as many offers as you can, which can take hours every month.

Finally, you have to remember which card had the offer and use the offer before it expires.

While frustrating to redeem, offers can be extremely valuable. Last year, Amex paid out $180M in extra rewards & cashback through Amex Offers.

MaxReward Gold automates maximizing rewards & cashback from offers. We automatically activate all of your offers, aggregate them in one place and incorporate them into best card recommendations.

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