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As of 3pm on May 9, 2023

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5/9/23: We will be releasing a new syncing method with Citi to 30% of members who are on the latest version of the app (2.11.37). Once we can confirm positive results, we will push this new method out to more members.

5/2/23: We have made improvements to our new connection to Citi, and hope to have it released to 30% of members on the newest version of the app by the end of the week!

4/25/23: We’ve made some changes to the new Citi connection based on feedback from our Beta testers. This has led to a slight delay but we are confident that these updates will bring better results.

4/20/23: We’ll be testing the new Citi connection with about 30% of members in the next version of the app, which we hope to have released within the next few days.

4/18/23: We are currently testing a new Citi connection with a closed Beta group. Pending positive results, we plan on releasing this new method to more members soon.

4/11/23: We’re testing a few more elements and working on some internal bug fixing involved in a new syncing method with Citi. We anticipate testing this method with our Beta members later this week.

4/4/23: We have initial account linking working with our new Citi connector. We are now working on re-syncing functionality. We expect to start testing the Citi connector with beta testers next week.

3/30/23: We’ve successfully internally tested a new syncing method with Citi. We are still working on some critical improvements and plan on releasing this new method to about 10% of members next week.

3/28/23: We made progressing in testing the new Citi connector. We plan to release it to beta testers this week. If results are promising, we will scale to more members over the coming weeks.

3/23/23: We’ve made changes to our Citi connector, which has led to a higher success rate. Next week, we’ll be introducing a new method of syncing to some users and will then expand it based on successful results.

3/16/23: We are working on a new method to sync with Citi. It needs more adjustments as it works with their mobile app, but will go through internal testing soon.

2/6/23: We have made improvements to our connection with Citi, and have seen a greatly increased success rate with syncing.

2/1/23: We are aware of an issue with our connection to Citi that has affected the ability to regularly sync with Citi. We started seeing significantly degraded reliability on the Citi connector starting January 25.

Our engineering team is working on improvements to the connection that should increase the reliability of syncing. We will be using some of the same tactics that we learned while improving our Chase connection (more info here). Because of this, we expect to have this issue fixed much more quickly. We will post updates on this article as progress is made.

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